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Friday, 19 February 2016

Life Gets in the Way

Gosh, real life really slows down the knitting.
This week I had so much real life stuff to do that it is only this morning I have finished this week's sock which I will admit to starting on Saturday rather than Sunday.
A sneaky wee look
I will not show you the finished socks until both are done.
I have also this morning, (well I have been up since 2am) sewn in all the ends and bathed the jumper I am knitting for my Mum. It is now laid out and drying between two towels, (cats) on the bed. And I have knitted a few rows of my beaded shawl. I have been so industrious that I am sure a nap will have to be taken this afternoon which will be no hardship as if the forecasters are to be believed is not to be too nice at all.
My plan is to work on the shawl until Sunday when I can start sock two and hopefully by the middle of next week I will have a new pair of socks to show off.

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