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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Diary of A Knitter - Hogmanay 2011

Shawls of 2011
Start Weight - 489
Weight Lost - 4
Weight Gained - 0
Balance - 485

The Year's End

So here we are on the last day of 2011. A time of reflection, a time to look back at what was achieved or not in the last 12 months.
My own year got off to a not so good start with illness striking me a blow early on in the year, this caused me severe anxiety issues which in turn led to agoraphobic tendencies. Not good. I spent a good few months not leaving the house unless I really had to. But all was not lost, I discovered the delights of watching road race cycling on the TV and I re-kindled my acquaintance with Ravelry, which in turn opened up a hitherto unexplored world of patterns, yarns and friends.
Around June I cast on my first ever lace shawl using a charted pattern. I was terrified, I had steered well clear of charts up to that point. The shawl I chose was Girasole by Jared Flood, not for the faint hearted some may say, but I was up to the challenge and produced a piece of knitting which I will always be proud. It was knitted in baby yarn for the 12th great grandchild of a lovely friend. Baby Sophie seems happy being snuggled up in her lovely shawl and that thought makes me happy.
So moving on through the year I used my love of all things knitting to help me overcome my fears, and by the end of September I was ready to start back to work taking things very slowly. All that time when I was off work my hands kept moving, so here are some of the fruits of my knitting year 2011.

General Knitting

If I discovered anything about my knitting this past year it was,
  1. Circular needles are for me.
  2. Charts are just mind over matter, one stitch at a time.
  3. I love knitting shawls.
  4. I love knitting bottom-up shawls
  5. Stitch-markers are my best friend

The last day of the year for me is also a day to look forward. 
So what will 2012 bring, well who knows?
I know that for me I will try to be a stronger person mentally and I will try not to take things so personally that they eat away at my self confidence. 
I will continue to knit and enjoy my passion for lacy shawls.
I will continue with the hexi-puffs, and one day a quilt may appear.
Hopefully my stash will deplete somewhat.
And finally hopefully DH will be given some relief from the constant pain he is in and he can start to lead a more normal life.

I leave you and 2011 with a Scottish blessing of sorts,
A guid new year to yin an a', an mony may ye see.

Happy New Year everyone, stay safe and happy crafting.

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