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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Diary of a Knitter - Day 7

Start Weight - 490
Weight Lost - 0
Weight Gained - 0
Balance - 490

So Near and Yet So Far

Well before the eyes gave up last night I made it to just one row short of finishing the second section of my Daybreak shawl/scarf for DH. This means the stripy section is all but finished. I am making a great effort to finish this as his birthday is next week and there is absolutely no way barring the intervention of the knitting fairies that I will finish his Birthday Boy sweater in time.
Sometimes my knitting ADD is a curse!! I seem too easily drawn to the ooh shiny and new!! And if I have suitable yarn and needles free then cast on it is. I have seen threads in some forums on Ravelry which throughout the year have Cast on Mania, where they cast on a new project every day for a month. Now whilst I could easily do this I have avoided these threads like the plague as I have enough trouble with where I am just now. So I will continue on my personal path to knitting Nirvana through my stash reduction plan and casting on only when I have finished two projects. My aim is to have no more than 4 different projects on the needles at any one time. These will eventually consist of 1 lacy project, 1 easy TV knitting project, 1 scrappy project and 1 other. Of course I may have to deviate from this if I receive any more commission work, which of course will take a precedence.

Other Stuff!!

So away from the needles yesterday evening I made a start on the dreaded (to me) wrapping of the Christmas presents. This year I have only 4 lots to wrap, but I find it along with the writing of cards the most stressful time of the season. I love choosing gifts for folk and hoping that I have gotten just the right thing, but I simply detest the wrapping up. Maybe it is because I am not very artistic, or that I am naturally clumsy, but I simply have nightmares about this part of the process. Also my handwriting is not the neatest at the best of times, so cards written under stress are more like a scribbled mess than written with love.
Anyway, here is evening number 1's effort.

This has all now been squeezed into a huge box and is off in the post to it's intended recipients.
Just 3 more lots to go.

We are also running behind on the decorations, so will have to dig them out and make a start. No tree this year, as we simply don't have the space, and with a 9 month old kitten it would be asking for trouble, but enough pretties to make the place look festive.

Stay safe and happy crafting.

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