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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Diary of a Knitter - Day 4

Start Weight - 491
Weight lost - 1
Weight gained - 0
Balance - 490

So another skein bit the project yesterday. One skein of Knit Picks Shine Sport on the baby shawl for my friend Sylvia. I am motoring along with this project. It is easy TV knitting, all knit in the round with  8 sections of gradual increases on every second row. I can knit away and watch my favourite programmes at the same time.

We woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground yesterday, which with DH's disability, meant a day in the house. So I decided to get on with blocking one of the projects in the finishing box. So it was duly soaked, rolled in a towel, and then pinned out on my blocking boards. It is just about dry now, so final pics will come tomorrow.

I also started thinking about my knitting kit. Now aside from needles, what could I simply not live without? I came up with 5 things,

from left to right, tape measure, needle gauge, snips, needles for sewing up and stitch markers.

You may think a needle gauge is an odd choice, but I almost exclusively use circular needles which do not have the sizes marked on them like straight needles do.

I keep my nearest and dearest kit all together in a make up bag. I used to buy a fair bit of Avon cosmetics in my life before knitting and accumulated a fair few of these wee bags, so now I have found a perfect use for them.

Knitting Kit Bag

No wrapping of Christmas goodies was done yesterday, so hopefully today I will get my butt into gear and make a start, but to be honest my needles are screaming at me, and I do so want to just relax and knit. So what to do???

Stay safe and happy crafting.

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