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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


So here we are in 2013. Happy new year to you all.

This year I hope to try better to keep this blog current and hopefully will inspire those of you who knit already and maybe even entice some others to learn to knit.

Looking back at 2012 I know I was very sporadic with my posts. Life certainly got in the way at times and it would be safe to say that I am so glad to see the back end of the year.
Onward and upward is the only way to go from here.

However whilst I am looking back I am astounded at quite what I have achieved knitting wise in the last 12 months. Yes I know my yarn diet took a severe bashing, but hey it's insulation right!!
So what else did I do?
Well there were
10 Shawls
4 Hats
2 Adult tops
16 Pairs of socks

Hey wait a minute, 16 pairs of socks!!!! Wow I am lost for words. This time last year I had never knitted a sock in my life. Holy mackerel!
Ach well here are just some of them

Gosh when I add it all up I completed 32 projects last year. To say I am happy with that is an understatement.

So onward to this year and I have plans already. I am planning to devote this year to finishing wip's and yes knitting more socks. Of those which I knitted last year I gave quite a few away and thus I only had one pair for myself.
So I have joined an informal KAL based on the names of the full moons of the year. The first of these was on 28th Dec and is known as the winter moon amongst other things. My socks for this project are from a free pattern on Ravelry called Saucy Socks and my yarn is A Bright Winter, a 4 ply BFL yarn from my Ripples Crafts yarn club.

This is knitting up into a lovely pair of socks.
I have also set myself a personal challenge where I have picked socks whose names begin with all the letters of the alphabet and I plan to gently meander through this list as the year progresses. I am not planning to do it in order, rather I will dip in and choose a pattern which speaks to me.
If you are on Ravelry you can see my list here.

Also whilst sitting this evening another set of my creative juices started flowing and the following sped from my fingers, enjoy

A Knitters Verse

This first night of new year in our comfy wee house,
The cats they are sleeping, as is dog and my spouse.
Alone here I sit just watching TV
A biscuit or two and a wee cup of tea.

Fear not for me though I am alone
My heart sings with joy in my happy wee home,
Needles and wool a plenty are near
And for many socks I have plans this year.
Lace ones and stripes, cables and plain
New skills to be learned, new knowledge to gain.

For though here I am in my solitary state
Alone I am not, for I have something great
A passion for knitting, you may laugh and jeer
But it will see me through all of this year
In December I will have treasures to share
And memories of the joys and the care
I had putting love into every stitch
To conquer the all encompassing itch

I must pick up my needles, my pattern and yarn
I have to or else I may do some harm
The soothing rhythm of row upon row
Calms my heart as I see things grow
Onward and forward stitch by stitch
All the while taming the annoying itch
People may laugh and people may titter,
But I do not care for I am a proud KNITTER!!!

Stay safe and happy crafting

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