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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Diary of A Knitter - Jan 14th

More In Than Out

Oh dear, not a good week for the diet this week. 4 skeins of Ripples Crafts yarn dropped through the door on Tues morning. One was from the monthly yarn club which was an extra surprise Christmas gift from DH. Two were a treat to myself from money given by MIL also for Christmas and the final one was a surprise from Helen the wonderful Ripples Crafts herself who was emptying out a basket of unsold yarns to make space for new stock. Oh well, on the bright side more yarn to choose shawl patterns for.
I have only managed to finish 1 skein of yarn this week, so I have a net gain of 3, oops!!!

Progress in Other Things

There may be a net gain in yarn, but there is a loss in projects on the needles, albeit not a net loss (will come to that later).
The Damask I was knitting for my friend in The Netherlands is off the pins and waiting for blocking, here is a pre-blocking photo

 I am so pleased with this as it is my very first attempt at beading and once I started using larger beads the end product pleased me so much. I can only now hope Yvonne will love it too and wear it with pride. Maybe it will even give her the push to try knitting lace for herself. I know she can do it.

I have also been spurred on to update my other projects with photos, so here is a wee taste of what I currently have on the needles,


Mystery KAL Clue 1


Stratosphere Swirl Jacket

It would seem I have a theme of pinks and purples going on in my knitting. I will give you three guesses as to what my favourite colours are!!

Stay safe and happy crafting

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