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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Summer Staycation Day 7

Hello, and Happy Garfield the Cat Day. I hope you are well and that you enjoy my ramblings. Yesterday was quite chilly here and last night was so cold that I nearly dug out my fleecy PJ's. It has been quite warm up till now and it was such a shock to the system to feel cold. Mind you cooler weather is so good for knitting and I got the first side of my Fading Point finished. 

As you can see our Frankie seems to like it, he just would not move to let me take the photo. I think he has ideas of becoming a blog star.
I then moved back on to side 2 and just this afternoon finished colour 2.

I have decided that I want to give this wrap to my mum as I was ill when it was her birthday and did not manage to send a present to her.

The only other knitting I did was 2 rows on my mega project. I am trying to do 2 rows a day and when the rows get shorter and the project bigger I will up it to 4 then 6 etc. Hopefully in a month or so I can show you a progress photo.

I am really enjoying these mini-posts and hope you are too. If I get some feedback I think I will continue with them daily after my holiday is over, just omitting the days I am at work. Please let me know.
Time for my book now, still listening to It by Stephen King in the afternoon and now hubs and I are listening to Skinner's Ordeal by Quintin Jardine in the evening. Avoiding football is so easy this way.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow.


Monday, 18 June 2018

Summer Staycation Day 6

Hello and happy International Picnic Day. I would have loved to go out for a picnic today but alas was once again pinned to my safe place.
I did have one highlight today though, the last part of my birthday pressie from hubby arrived in the post.

Would you believe that this is my first ever proper knitting project bag? Until now I have just used whatever I had to hand, tote bags, carrier bags, anything. This beautiful bag is by Sew Ray Me on Etsy and was part of the Flower Power Fund offerings which are raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Centres. This may be my first bag but it will certainly not be my last, Rachael has some beauties in her shop and I am sure I will be back for another when I can.
Now for the knitting.
I have been surprisingly monogamous with my knitting over the last 24 hours working on Fading Point as I really want to see the first side finished. I only have a few rows to go so will have a photo of that tomorrow.

A nice short post for today, you will be glad of that I'm sure, have a great time crafting and I hope to see you tomorrow.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Summer Staycation Day 5

Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day to all dads and mums who are dads as well as mums.
Today has not been a great day for me. I had hoped to get out and about but my brain had other ideas and the agoraphobia kicked in big time with shaking and feeling sick at the thought of going anywhere. So I retreated into my bubble and picked up my Fading Point. I have been knitting my socks off all day and have got to adding in the 5th colour on side 1. I am truly loving this pattern and just know I will knit it again.

Talking of knitting my socks off, today being Sunday means it is sock cast on day.

I have decided that I need some shortie socks for the summer so I am using the free Milkshake pattern by Fiona D Tulloch and such a summery colour of Fabel to knit some happy summer shorties. Why don't you come along and join me in The Sunday Sock group on Ravelry and share your sock knits? I will start a thread over there as I would love you all to share your favourite patterns and sock yarns with me. I am always looking to try out something new and would love some inspiration.

That's it for today, see you tomorrow when I hope to have made it out of doors.


Saturday, 16 June 2018

Summer Staycation Day 4

So yesterday I woke up with a horrendous headache which refused to shift all day. It called for an easy day of knitting with nothing too much to tax the brain. So I dug out a project that I am trialling just for myself and added a few rows. Then the postman came to the door and OMG!! He delivered the second part of my birthday pressie from my wonderful hubby.

All these wonderful goodies came in the June Accessories mystery box from Rosie's Moments on Etsy. There is a skein of amazing sport weight yarn with a sock pattern to knit, a progress keeper, two floral ribbons, six stitch markers with a wee caddy to put them in, a 500ml water bottle, a gift label and the dinkiest tiny floral peg. I must say I was overjoyed to receive this and almost forgot my headache for a while.

As I said I was knitting on a very simple project and here is a photo which really does not do it justice or give an idea of what it is but suffice to say it is very soothing and simple mindless knitting to do whilst watching podcasts or the TV or listening to books.

That's it for today I am off to watch the Grocery Girls again, happy knitting.
See you tomorrow


Friday, 15 June 2018

Summer Staycation Day 3

Well, I survived storm Hector mostly by staying indoors. It looked wild outside with the wind howling and various things flying past the window and if it wasn't for the sun it could have been November from my cosy vantage point on the sofa.

I spent the day watching those master enablers, The Grocery Girls, podcast number 11. I have only recently discovered the joy of knitting podcasts and have loads to catch up on. I am trying to watch one per day and I just love these ladies and their enthusiasm for all things yarn. I am so glad that I have very little income though, as I would be bankrupt in a very short time as I want to buy almost everything I see. I also listened to two books, It by Stephen King and Skinner's Round by Quintin Jardine whilst watching the wonderful antics of the latest litters of kittens on Tiny Kittens.

And of course, there was knitting and crochet done.
I started the day with round 60 of my afghan.

I then moved on to getting hubby's latest socks blocked

These are Blueberry Waffles in Ripples Crafts Reliable Sock in the colour Assynt Botanics, knit toe-up on a 2.5mm long circular using magic loop.

Finally, I spent some time on Fading Point.

This shows side 1 with the first 3 colours and on another needle I have 2 colours of side 2 done.

I think that will do for today I don't want to bore you.
Have a great Friday and I will see you all tomorrow.
Thanks for reading


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Summer Staycation Day 2

Hello again. So yesterday was the first day of my nearly 2 weeks off work this summer and I decided that I would try to do a short daily post of what I get up to. Of course, it will be very yarn orientated but I may surprise you now and again with photos from around East Lothian.
In the last 24 hours, I have done some crochet on Rings of Change I am aiming for 1 round a day now that they are so long, but mostly I have been knitting.

A couple of weeks ago I kept seeing on the Ravelry forum radar, pictures of the amazing Fading Point  wrap by Joji Locatelli. I decided that I really had to knit it so off to the stash I trotted and pulled out these 5 beauties.

From the left we have

  1. Hand painted 100% merino from Chandlers in North Berwick in colour Merlyn
  2. Ripples Crafts Suilven, a merino/ silk/ yak yarn in colour Sea Stack
  3. Eden Cottage Yarns Titus, merino/silk in colour Hektor
  4. Suilven in Bay of Stoer
  5. Suilven in Mountains of Assynt.
I will give you a progress photo tomorrow but suffice to say for now I am in love with Joji's patterns and already have my eye on the next one I want to knit.

I leave you today with a wee snapshot of the estate I live in to give an idea of life here in this wee corner of Scotland.

Time for me now to get back to the needles and my latest audiobook, It by Stephen King.
Until tomorrow happy crafting


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Happy Day

Hello, here we are again. Today I am taking another step further into my 50's, still have not managed to figure out how I have got this far. I have been a very lucky lady today as this picture shows,

with two lovely skeins of Wollmeise from my Mum and Dad, a gift voucher from my Stepdaughter and family and a socker's rule from hubby with the promise from him of more goodies to come.

This week I have picked up my huge crochet afghan Rings of Change which I started on June 30th last year and I have been making progress.

I had put it into hibernation as the crocodile stitches were taking forever but finally, I pulled my hook out of my proverbial and got them done.

This project is one giant learning curve for me as I only taught myself to crochet at the beginning of last year and being me I just have to go big. I am learning so much and really enjoying it.

Last time I showed you the huge socks I knitted for my colleague and friend and he very kindly sent a photo of him wearing them as soon as he got home from work.

I am so happy that he loved them.

I will put links to the patterns in the Ravelry group The Sunday Sock where I hope you will come and join me for a cuppa and a blether.

Speak to you soon