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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dancing and Dryers

Knitting took a back seat yesterday evening as I went to my first ever Line Dancing class. Oh boy, there is so much to learn, not least a totally new language! I am sure I dreamt of grapevines and rocking chairs last night. Anyhoo back to the dancing. The teacher was great, she let us two newbies know that there would be dances we should not even attempt and she gave us her total attention when it came to teaching us the steps for ones she wanted us to try. I discovered that I can walk forward in steps of four no problem but going backwards and turning round by a quarter results in two left feet. At least I stayed upright although there were quite a few wobbles, just as well I am shaped like a Weeble so I won't fall down. I will admit I enjoyed the experience and will be back next Monday for more.

Now to my dryer, as you may remember I took delivery of a new dryer last Tuesday after having the option of the old one being fixed or a new one at a reduced price. Boy did I make the right decision. On the old dryer you had to choose an amount of time and just let the dryer get on with it. This one however you choose a programme, cotton, mixed or synthetics and it senses the moisture and adjusts the time needed to dry accordingly. I am amazed. Loads which I use to give over an hour to are drying in less than half the time. That can only be good for the fabrics and for my electricity bill.

Oh well time to get back to my sock which has just the leg to knit.

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