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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Coming Full Circle

Back when I was a wee girl one of my jobs at home was to clean mine and my Granddad's shoes. At the time I hated it. It seemed to take forever and I got all dirty from the shoe polish. As I grew up I  discovered all different tips and tricks to cut the time including using furniture polish to cheat my way to a shine. Also the shoe polish companies started bringing out more simple methods but in reality these just put a shine on and never really treated the leather or cleaned the shoes. Yesterday I dug out an unopened shoe kit and set about properly cleaning my one favourite pair of shoes. The minute I opened the tin of polish and took a sniff the memories came flooding back, oh how I loved that smell. 10 minutes and a bit of elbow grease later and my shoes, which are over 3 years old, looked almost new again. I had come full circle. The sense of satisfaction I felt was immense. Now I know I will have a new chore at least once a week but my shoes will thank me for it.

Talking about shoes and that pair in particular, I have always struggled to find shoes to fit. A broad foot meant that to get comfort for the toes I needed to take a size 7 when in reality my foot was really as I found out a 51/2. One day I was in Musselburgh with DH and we were in the Mobility shop. They had a selection of Cosyfeet shoes and I decided to try a pair on. I was overjoyed when my feet slipped easily into a lovely pair of black Mary Jane style shoes of the correct size for me. I baulked slightly at the price but here over 3 years on I have to say that they have been the most cost effective shoes I have ever bought. Still comfy, soles look good and believe me I have worn the nearly every day since purchase. I will be back for another pair soon.

Talking about feet as I seem to be doing. It is my left big toe which has given my my first problem of the year. I had the nail removed mid December and all was going well with the recovery until over the New Year holidays something felt amiss. I was lucky to get a emergency appointment at the doc's and so yesterday I trundled off to show my toe. Right enough the toe had become infected, so here I am in the first week of 2016 on a course of antibiotics. Not how I had envisioned my year to begin.

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