Knitting around the world

Friday, 14 August 2015

I've Found It, I've Found Me!

Over the years as my friends and family will attest I have had many many hair colours. Everything from bleached white blonde to black with all hues in between. I have never been truly satisfied. I have spent well over 30 years looking for the one, the colour or shade which is truly me. Now at last, approaching 50 I have it. It is not a natural colour but importantly it is ME! It is my colour. My hair is now a gorgeous shade of purple!

You would not believe what finding this colour has done for me, for my confidence and for my general well-being. It has set me free! Free from self doubt, free from self criticism, free from constraints I had placed on myself to be what other people wanted me to be and not what I wanted or who I am.
I have at last found myself. I have found ME!