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Friday, 8 May 2015

Shouting from the Rooftops

So there we have it. Up till Wednesday we were mostly ignored, on Thursday we spoke and here now on Friday you can hear us loud and clear across the whole UK.
Scotland's people have made there choice, we have chosen to move forward, to be progressive, to leave old style politics behind. We want change. However listening to the pundits and former politicians during the night it would seem they still don't get it.
This election had absolutely nothing to do with Independence yet throughout the electioneering we kept hearing the same thing, the Nationalists will use this as a stepping stone. Nicola Sturgeon repeatedly said that this would not be the case yet the rhetoric still came.
All the other parties tried to get votes using fear tactics. They failed. As I said last time the electorate should not be taken for fools.
 I congratulate all those who won seats in Scotland yesterday, you worked hard and put a positive message across, one which people could get behind, one which people could believe in. On the other hand from the other parties we heard only same old, same old. They did not listen. We tried to tell them and they closed their ears, and some still are judging by some of the statements this morning, as they found out to their cost. Some very familiar names have paid a very heavy price for taking the people for granted. I hope lessons are learnt from this.
What will the future hold? Who knows? I hope though that through the new voices for Scotland people all over the UK will benefit.