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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Busted Some Stash

Another week and a bit has gone by, how quickly the days pass! I must be having fun.
Knitting is moving on apace and the basket dash I mentioned last time has begun. I have filled my basket with a few WIP's and some skeins to continue my 24 pair sock challenge. It seems to be working for me as within the first week (the dash began on Wed 15th) I have completed my first project.

The pattern is Ridge and Furrow Rainbow Triangular Shawl which is free on Ravelry. I can see how the pattern may be daunting to some as the original uses 54 different shades of Wollmeise yarn which can be like hen's teeth to find, but I just used one main background colour (Drops Alpaca) from stash and then some of my sock leftovers. Doing it this way made it a great stashbuster project as it used 993 yards and I managed to move 4 yarns into the "all used up" tab. Another thing that was mentioned to me was the huge cast on, the shawl is knitted bottom up, with 655 stitches. To me this is not really an issue as once you get past the patterned border as the rows make easy TV knitting and of course they reduce as you go on.

Of course I don't just watch TV as I knit. My other challenge is continuing also. I finished listening to The Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Although I enjoyed the book I felt I needed a break from Tolkein for a while so used a random number generator to choose the next book from the list. It's stuff done the book chosen was The Once and Future King by TH White. I must admit that this is a book I have never heard of before. The story, an Arthurian fantasy, explores the childhood of King Arthur. This I am enjoying immensely. A bonus is that 33 hours long the book is a real bargain with my Audible subscription.

Also in the past week we have had an interloper. This gorgeous tint puss came into out house and our hearts.

We have named her Abby and she is settling in well having made particularly good friends with Gibbs our big boy.

Other than that life just passes day by day.

Stay safe and happy crating

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