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Friday, 24 April 2015

A Voter's View

In less than 2 weeks the good folks of the UK will go to the polls to vote in the General Election. We have been bombarded with this on the news channels, in the papers and in the election debates for months.
However, one of the main things I have noticed from most of the MP's and leaders etc. is how "old school" they still are. Politics has been around for years but the world and the voting public have moved on. We have the world at our fingertips, weare as informed as we wish to be thanks to the power of the internet. No longer do we blandly follow in the voting choices of our parents as previous generations did. We take the information available and we make up our own minds on how we wish to cast our vote.
We are not interested in the "old" way. The backstabbing, the mudslinging and the truly awful talking down to the "common folk" like we are stupid.
We are not the "common folk" we are the ELECTORATE! We choose who WE want to represent us.
Is it so hard for these politicians to understand that?
If so, then they are the stupid, not us.
There has been a lot of noise in the news lately of how bad it will be for the Scots to be represented at Westminster by the SNP. How they, or the Welsh Nationalists, should not get to vote on English matters. I have never heard anything of the sort being mentioned in the past about Scottish or Welsh Labour or for that matter Conservative politicians being told they should not vote on these matters. This is because without the votes of these MP's many of the policies of these parties would not have gotten through parliament.
Westminster wants the people of the UK to stay together and be as one but only on their terms. During this election that has become very clear.
Old school democracy has had it's day and it is time for the people of the UK to stop and think. Stop with the tactical voting to suit the big parties and vote with your true beliefs.
We are privileged to be allowed to make our choices at the ballot box. Many in this world cannot.
To the candidates who wish to represent us. Respect your electorate. You are chosen by us to work for us, not to line your pockets and be above us. Remember we pay for you. You are our employee and you are not indispensable. If you do not do a good job in 5 years you will be out. That is how a democracy works.
The people have the power, not the politicians.

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