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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Island 14 - Boreray, North Uist

This baby blanket was finished in early November 2014 but I had to wait to share it as there were not many folk who knew the sex of the baby.
Baby Isaac has now been gifted his blanket and whilst I do not know his feelings on it I do know that his mummy and daddy loved it.

I used Knit Picks Shine Sport in the colour Sky. The yarn is an absolute delight to knit with and furthermore is completely machine washable as well as tumble dryable. I find it a good yarn to use for baby items where the parent wants natural fibres but ease of washing.
The pattern is Floralized by Cheri McEwan, which was the summer MKAL in 2014 and is a free pattern. I must admit that the finished blanket looks much harder than it is to knit. Cheri always creates wonderful designs which seem to flow off the needles with ease yet look stunning and complicated.

I am so chuffed with this project, here are some more photos.

Island link - Boreray, North Uist

Stay safe and happy crafting

Friday, 2 January 2015

Catching Up. Islands 8 - 13

Happy New Year everyone.
Gosh I have really got behind in sharing my finished projects with you so I will keep this post as brief and factual as possible.
First up is Island 8 - Barra

These socks for hubs are knitted in Ripples Crafts 100% BFL yarn in the club colour Post Office Run April 2014. The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks which is a very popular free pattern on Ravelry. Bill has declared that these are the most comfy socks he has ever had and wants all his future socks in this pattern.
Which brings me nicely on to Island 9 - Berneray

These are his 2nd pair this time knitted in Ripples Crafts reliable sock in an Assynt Storms colour.

Moving on Island 10 - Auskerry

This is a fabulous warm winter jumper knitted in one piece from the bottom up. The yarn is Drops Karisma which I purchased from This yarn was a dream to knit with and I have ended up with such a cosy jumper to wear whilst out walking the dogs.

Island 11- Boreray, St Kilda

I knitted this shawl in just 5 days. The pattern is LaLa's Simple Shawl which is designed as a top down knit. I decided to do it bottom up and cast on 305 sts and worked backwards. This is knitted in DK acrylic yarn which I bought from The Wool Shop in Woodburn Dalkeith.
I gave a similar shawl to my M-I-L a few years ago and she loved it so that is where this one also went.

Islands 12 & 13 - Barra Head & Bigga
These are socks for me.
Barra Head are some plain Vanilla socks in Opal yarn, Thelma colour

And finally Bigga are in my favourite pattern Dragonfly Socks knitted in Yarn Pirate merino/alpaca yarn which is just soooooo soft and comfy on my feet.

I do hope you enjoy the trip round these Islands and I will try not to be so tardy in posting in future..

Stay safe and happy crafting