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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Socks TAAT - There is Another Way

Whilst I do credit myself with some intelligence I can also at times be astounded by how incredibly dim I can be sometimes. This came to light this week as I was reading a post by a friend on Ravelry.
I love to wear handknit socks as does hubby and I love knitting them but I find sometimes that second sock syndrome kicks in and things don't get finished as quickly as they might. I tried knitting TAAT toe up but I had to give up as my preference I have discovered is to knit top down. I also struggled with not having the usual space that I was used to on the cable, (I knit my socks using magic loop).
However as I previously said whilst reading a post on Ravelry this past week a lightbulb moment and a half struck my brain with all the force of the Blackpool Illuminations. Rona, my friend, said she knitted her socks TAAT using two separate needles!!!! She first knits the cuff of one then the other, then moves on to the legs each in turn and so on........ Why oh why had I never thought of doing that before? Dim as a dark night I am! It is so simple and I have plenty needles to make it happen. So before 2 minutes had passed off I was collecting yarn and needles, dividing said yarn into 2 balls and away I went. Progress is happening and I now have cuff and leg of one sock completed and cuff and partial leg of the other. I am over the moon at this and hopefully I shall have a completed pair of socks to share in the not to distant future instead of in a months time.

Stay safe and happy crafting


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