Knitting around the world

Monday, 22 September 2014

A Brighter Future

Where do I begin?
Well let me start by saying I accept the will of 55% of the population that voted in the Scottish referendum that they did not wish to live in an independent country. Let me also state for the record that I am not anti-English, never have been never will be. I have family and friends in England and I love them all dearly.
However this past weekend I have been compelled to join a political party. For the first time ever in my life I feel that us ordinary souls need to stand up and be counted and can be. Our voices need to be heard. We need a new breed of political activists in this land, people who know the struggles of daily living. Real people from all walks of life who can work together towards a better future for all.
I like many others am sick of the lies, corruption and lining of their own pockets of the elite. I want the future of our land and the other lands in this United Kingdom to be in the hands of the people, the majority not the minority.
The lying has to STOP. The money grabbing has to STOP. The pandering to the media has to STOP. The media pandering to the elite has to STOP. The corruption has to STOP.
Politics has to change and the only way to change it is to take action ourselves. If we do not we risk our voices being drowned out once more by the elite.
So there it is. The reasons I am getting involved, I want a brighter future for all.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Change Will Come

As I sit here unable to sleep I am more than aware that dawn will shortly be breaking on the most momentous day in my life. Today 5+ million of us resident in Scotland have the opportunity to choose the destiny of the country we call home. The country I was born in, live in and work in will never be the same after this day. Whatever the result of the referendum things around here will and have changed.
Before the polling stations even open I have seen major changes in the people of my country. 90+% of the eligible electorate have registered to vote. This is unprecedented in a country in which apathy has been the winner at the polls in recent years. The population has been energised in a way that in my humble opinion has stunned the media and political commentators not to mention the politicians in their ivory towers. Suddenly we have declarations of love from the heart where before it felt like we barely had a nod in our direction.
Some of the propaganda being spouted has had me scratching my head and has left me wondering if some of the so called educated think that we are all unable to put our minds to making a decision. We may not all have gone to university but the last thing we are is stupid. If they think we cannot see beyond the bluff and bluster then they are the ones who need their brains examined.
I have read all the arguments, watched the debates and listened to what others have to say. But be in no doubt, I have made my own mind up. I will go to the polling booth today and put my cross in the box of my choosing confident in the knowledge I have made the right decision for me.
By this time tomorrow some of the first results may be showing and by 6am we should know the outcome. Whether it goes the way I will choose or not, we the people of Scotland will have spoken and then it will be up to the politicians to negotiate the future.