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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fox and the Grapes - Days 5 - 12

Despite life and illness (Laryngitis which morphed into Tonsillitis) getting in the way much progress has been made. Charts 1 and 2 have been completed and chart 3 has only 5 rows to go. These 5 rows will complete the edging section and then I shall progress onto the fun lacy part.  Adding to the satisfaction of seeing the shawl grow I have now fully used up 2 of the 10 balls of yarn and each row is nearly 100 stitches less than it was at cast on. Knowing that every second row has less stitches as well as seeing even such a small gap in the bag of yarn makes me very happy.

  • Rows knitted - 29/251
  • Stitches so far - 22,268
  • Skeins used - 2
Stay safe and happy crafting


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Fox and the Grapes - Days 3 & 4

Still not much to see. The stitch markers are in place for the edging and some dropped stitches have been rescued. Work and life have slightly got in the way of progress but today I have the first day of the 2014 Tour de France to watch so plenty time for some relaxing knitting along with some exciting cycling and an armchair tour round the Yorkshire Dales, one of our favourite places. I am sure some happy memories will come flooding back.
Hopefully I will finish the first chart today.

  • Rows knitted 6/251
  • Stitches so far 5788
Stay safe and happy crafting


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fox and the Grapes - Day 2

After a false start, yep I had to frog the first 3 rows. I have completed a cast on of 830 stitches, I just used a simple knitted cast on, a knit row to stabilise and the first 2 rows of the pattern.
It doesn't look much but here it is

  • Rows knitted 3
  • Stitches so far 2488
Stay safe and happy crafting


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Fox and the Grapes - Day 1

This year I am not taking part in the fun and games of Camp Loopy on Ravelry so I have decided to embark on a challenge of my own. I am going to attempt to knit a shawl of epic proportions to snuggle up in on the chilly winter nights we have here in Scotland. I am a big girl and I want something I can wrap up in so I have gone ahead and chosen a pattern by one of my favourite designers and I have purchased over 2000 yards of fingering weight yarn to complete the project. I have decided to do the largest size and am now faced with a cast on of over 800 stitches. Mind you, although it may be slow going at the start as the rows get shorter it will speed up.

The  pattern I have chosen is Fox and the Grapes by designer Lilygo. I have knitted many of this designer's patterns and always love the end result.
I shall be using Knit Picks Palette yarn in the shade Regal and ChiaGoo circular needle size 3.5mm.
Each journey begins with the first step so, here goes.........

Stay safe and happy crafting