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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Missing the Ships

Recently I have found myself being drawn back in time with memories of cruises past. It is nearly 6 years 6 years since we last made the long journey to Southampton to sail from British shores off into the sunset to explore new and exciting destinations. We love cruising, it is such an elegant way to travel. Yes we had a 9 hour drive to join our ship but as soon as we pulled up outside the terminal we felt as if we were joining another world. None of your lugging suitcases around airports here. No you pull up in your car they check off your name, open the boot, gather your luggage and the next time you see it it is in your cabin. All you have to do is grab your handbag, hand over your car keys, yes they even park your car for you, and off you go to check in.
A short wait in the queue then check in and through security to the lounge to await your number being called. Once embarkation begins the excitement really hots up. You are greeted at the top of the gangplank by smiling staff and escorted to your cabin where your luggage is awaiting you. Then there is time to study the map and begin your adventure by finding the buffet for a little snack before exploring all the ship has to offer.
Around 4pm its anchors away and you feel the ship start to slowly move from the quayside. There is always someone there waving you off as you sail off into the sunset to start your holiday.
Ah, happy days!

Stay safe and happy crafting


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