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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Inchkeith - Island 4

As you will have noticed I normally knit shawls or socks. One reason is that I love lace and beads and who doesn't need socks. Another reason is I detest sewing up. It is one thing I have never mastered. I try, oh boy do I try, but it would seem the sewing needle is just not my forte.
However once in a while something comes along that screams KNIT ME! and when that happens needs must. This is what happened when I spotted the Galanthus free pattern on Ravelry. I fell in love and just had to knit it. I adapted it slightly as I had sport weight yarn and I knit the body to the armholes in the round. I knitted the whole tunic in just over a month but as is true to my form it has taken 2 months for me to get it sewn up. I have finally completed it this evening and I am going to so enjoy wearing it.

It is knitted in Ripples Crafts Sport Weight Yarn in the colour Crushed Blackberries which Helen very kindly dyed especially for me last year.

Island link - Inchkeith
This island I see every day from my kitchen window. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful view.

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