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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Conquering Crochet

As long as I have been a knitter I have admired and even envied those who can crochet beautiful patterns seemingly at the speed of light. I have read in many forums that crochet uses more yarn more quickly and that it is easy to do. However when I have on many occasions tried to switch from 2 needles to 1 hook I have ended up in an unholy mess with tangles, very sore hands and wrists and even at one point yarn wrapped around my neck. (Don't ask as I have no idea how it happened either.) Suffice to say every time I gave up pretty quick and put the hook back into the naughty corner.
Last night a strange calm came over me and the thought sprang into my mind, it was time to try the hook again.
I duly prepared my requirements and made myself comfortable with hook, leftover yarn and the obligatory You Tube video. I watched the clip several times, just to be sure, then I picked up the hook. The first two attempts were as previous, a rancid mess of yarn, hook and me but I decided to go for a third try.
EUREKA!!! I think I got it!!
 Well it seems to me to look like the beginnings of a blankie of sorts. I am hoping to add in all my leftovers and just let it grow.
I am so chuffed at mastering this simple square. I may never manage complex patterns and knitting will always be my passion but at least now I have another way of using up the leftovers rather than just the fiddly hexi-puffs. Go me!!

Stay safe and happy crafting


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