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Friday, 7 March 2014

Beads, Beads and More Beads

I have just cast on my fourth MKAL shawl for this month. I may be mad but I just love the excitement of a new clue appearing in my inbox. I was explaining to my DH that by having these short clues to work on each week I never get bored with one pattern. The shawls I am working on are all completely different but one thing they do have in common is beads. All four have added bling. This I am delighted with as I cannot wear jewellery so wearing a beaded shawl allows me to express my own style.
Now the thing with beads is how to get them onto the knitting. I had used my tiny trusty crochet hook until last Saturday evening when it went walkabout. I have absolutely no idea where it has gone. I had a spare which I discovered must be a bit bigger as the beads just would not fit over the tip. Eek!!! Out came the superfloss which whilst, for me, is fine in an emergency it is way too fiddly for applying the 1500 beads which one pattern calls for. So what to do? Off to You Tube I went to see if there was a solution for me and lo' and behold there I find a tool called a Fleegle Beader (You Tube link). The clip seemed to say it would be the answer to my dilemma. Now to find it in the UK, that was me next problem. Trusty Google stepped up to the mark and there it was available from a shop in Surrey, Duly ordered I continued with the floss until my beader arrived on Tuesday. What a revelation!! It has changed my life, no longer the slow plod with 4 beads on the hook and then stop and reload, now I have at least 30 beads loaded up at any one time and it is a breeze. All in all I can safely say it was money very well spent.

Stay safe and happy crafting


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