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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Beading - The Fleegle Way

It would seem my last post has inspired some readers to try out the Fleegle Beader for themselves. Personally I love the simplicity of the tool, the ability to load up lots of beads at once and off we go. However I do still have issues with getting the angle just right. I still at times, many times, shred the yarn and have to remount and bead again. I am convinced that this is just because of my being a novice and with time I shall become as adept as was shown in the video clip. I hope that the others who have shown an interest enjoy their beaders as much as I am.

Loaded and ready for action.
As a wee side note I have also found a source of beads in the UK which offer a fabulous service and bags of 100g of beads. This will mean that I can buy the full amount required in one bag and be able to over time build up a selection of beads to match or compliment any yarn I shall be using. You can peruse their website here G J Beads . The link takes you to their seed bead choices but they have a wide range of other beads too.

Stay safe and  happy crafting


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