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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sock it to Me

I have been working mostly on larger projects recently, trying to finish some of my huge pile of WIP's. My sock needles had been sadly put to one side whilst I tried to get on. However all that is history now due to seeing a finished pair in one of the groups I follow on Ravelry. The Ripplescrafts group has a great bunch of folk all sharing their projects and one of the ladies happened to show off a finished pair of socks. I was immediately drawn to the pattern and was delighted to discover it was free. It was duly downloaded and I was itching to start. Oh the dilemma, did I carry on with my resolve to reduce the pile in the WIP basket or did I cast on some socks? Well the socks won out.
The first sock was cast on, rib quickly finished and on to the leg pattern. After the first few rows I can tell you I was hooked. I am sure from now on this will become my go to sock pattern. An easy two row repeat with great results which will work with solid, semi-solid or variegated yarn. Along with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel I have an inkling I have found my perfect sock.
It has all the elements I need for men or women. It can be magic-looped (my preferred method), knit cuff down or toe-up and is perfect for TV or travel knitting. I am a truly happy bunny. The first pair will be for himself. He has been poorly lately with a dreadful stomach bug which has been doing the rounds.
Mind you, not to be outdone I have also cast on a toe-up version for myself. I will work on each in turn to keep the interest alive by having the different colours to work on. And this pattern is, I hear you ask? It is Jeck by Regina Satta.

Have you a favourite go to sock pattern? If so please feel free to share it in comments so I can have a look and maybe you will even change my mind.

Stay safe and happy crafting


Sunday, 6 October 2013

+ 3

As I admitted I had 3 more skeins of yarn in the post. They are all here. Such gorgeousness. Now I have to decide what to knit with them. I think I have one of them sussed but not so sure on the others. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Let me introduce you to my new stash.

1. This skein is called Mt Tinknomore. It was the skein designed for the first group I was placed in in this year's Camp Loopy adventure. It is from The Loopy Ewe Seasonings collection.

It is actually one full skein and a little skein of contrasting solid. Beautiful colours and soooo soft. This may become socks but not sure. 

2. This is Lorna's Laces Solemate in the Rocky Mountain Primrose colour. 

This was my prize for completing Camp Loopy. Yes I did it, I completed the 3 month challenge. Again I am not sure what this will become.

3. Finally this glorious skein is the Ripples Crafts Assynt Storms club October instalment. 

I am totally smitten by this yarn and I am pretty sure it will become a 28's Cousin 53 It is just too lovely to be hidden away as socks. I have knitted this scarf/shawl before and it was the pattern which immediately sprung to mind upon opening the package.

Well there you go I have now crept up to 582 skeins. I am knitting away madly trying to reduce the stash. Today I am knitting Hexi's to use up the remains of the skein from the socks I completed earlier this week.

Stay safe and happy crafting


Thursday, 3 October 2013


Okay so it is not a whole skein, but it is 310 yards gone from the stash.

Here are my completed Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks.

I am so chuffed with these wee socks as they are the first successful toe-up pair I have ever knitted. I will have very cosy feet at work tomorrow of that I am sure.

I kind of made the pattern up as I went along and they turned out fab.

They also make a wee dent in my October Goals which I shared yesterday. So I can say yippee to that too.

My goals now look like this

October Goals
  1. Finish Swirl Jacket
  2. Finish FLK socks for me  Finished
  3. Finish Wild Violet
  4. Start and keep up with Flutter of the Wings  MKAL
I will add another pair of socks into the goals soon but not right away. 

These socks also added to another much longer term challenge I am taking part in. The challenge to see how long it will take to knit a Million rows. The 340 rows in these socks take my total up to 14,194 rows knitted since Aug 10th 2012. As you can see this is a very long term goal but I hope to achieve it someday.

Stay safe and happy crafting


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


579! How the heck did that happen. I just checked the ticker and I have 579 skeins or balls of yarn. Holy cow!
I really must get to grips with this yarn addiction. Now I know I have 3 more skeins on their way and I have a planned visit to my friend's shop coming up as soon as I have the pennies but seriously I must end Oct with fewer skeins than 579.
So my friends that is my challenge to myself. Wish me luck,  please! 

I am also at breaking point with projects (can never see past the Oh Shiny!) so in one of the groups I frequent on Ravelry I have set myself knitting goals. They are as follows

October Goals
  1. Finish Swirl Jacket
  2. Finish FLK socks for me
  3. Finish Wild Violet
  4. Start and keep up with Flutter of the Wings  MKAL
So there you are my knitting soul bared.

Stay safe and happy crafting


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Making Me Laugh

We bought a new Hoover. It is great, no problems there. Our living room carpet looks like new.

Our new Hoover

What has had me laughing is this......
Our Hoover was dispatched from Dunfermline, about 30 or so miles from here

This is what actually happened

The Hoover travelled well over 600 miles. The world has gone mad!!!

Stay safe and happy crafting


Making Me Happy

Sometimes it is the little things in life which make you happy. This week it has been a heel! Yes you read that correctly, a heel.
Let me explain.
I love hand knitted socks. They feel great on my feet and the variety of gorgeous sock yarns take my breath away. There are so many wonderful patterns out there too. What has always held me back though is I hate knitting the heel. Yes I love the magic of the heel turn, but it is the picking up of the stitches along the heel flap which leaves me feeling meh! I never seem to get it right. Too many here, not enough there little gaps and holes.
Well good people no more of that for me. My world of socks has been well and truly opened up. May I present to you the technique which has forever changed my sock knitting life.................
The Fish Lips Kiss Heel
I cannot tell you how wonderfully simple this is. You really really must check it out for yourselves.

Here is a couple of pics of the socks I am currently working on using this heel

Truly this has been my salvation and all for the princely sum of 64p, (or $1). You cannot say fairer than that.
Off I go to finish the pair.......

Stay safe and happy crafting