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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 - Week 1

With the first week of the year now gone I have devised myself a wee plan and I seem to be sticking to it.
My plan
Knit at least 1 hexi-puff per day
Knit 5 rows on Bill's never ending sweater of doom
Knit on whichever sock I have on the needles that takes my fancy that day.

As I say things seem to be progressing to plan. So far last week I managed 12 puffs
and finished my Christmas dragonfly socks
These were timely socks for me as earlier in the week Bill in his desire to help managed to felt one of my only pair of hand knitted socks whilst doing a washing. I cannot get too mad with him as he really tries to do things and ends up in so much pain as a result but he is determined not to give in and where possible will do a little. As for the sock, well it has been suggested to me to use it as a decoration on the tree next year.

Also this last week I have been catching up with some telly that we recorded over the festive period and found myself catching a few surprises.
1st of which was the comedian James Corden. I was left gob smacked twice, man that boy can sing. I first saw it on his own show, A League of Their Own then again when he sang with Gary Barlow on his new year special.
The 2nd was watching Rod Stewart's Christmas special from Stirling Castle, not too far from where I am. He has had voice problems but has adjusted his vocals to suit and in my opinion is ageing gracefully. And he still can sing wonderfully.
Another person ageing gracefully and looking better every year, again in my opinion, is one Mark Harmon. He will once again grace my TV screen on the much awaited return of NCIS this coming Friday night. If you know me and want to stay my friend, do not ring between 9 and 10 pm.

Once again it is time to get back to the needles .

Stay safe and happy crafting


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