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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent Adventure - Day 2

And so the madness continues. As I knitted the second clue of the mystery scarf my imagination went into overdrive. I have my work Christmas dinner on the 20th of this month and a lovely wrap would be just the thing to keep me cosy and stylish. Now this one won't be ready by then but, wait a minute, wasn't there one last year and the year before? Why yes there was! And I have the perfect yarn. Some rummaging in stash later and out comes some Assynt by Moonlight yarn by Ripplescrafts in the adorable Carnations colour. Half an hour later and the skeins are wound and off I go with the 2010 pattern
Here is my progress as of 6pm.

Now this does not mean that I have given up on the other one, not at all. Day 2 was fairly easy going and here is the proof

So now you must be wondering about the socks, well they are coming along too.
Here are Circle Socks which were finished this morning and just need washed and blocked.
I must admit to slightly modifying the pattern by extending the circles down the instep and using my preferred heel and toe.

All in all I would say quite a productive day so far and the night is young so goodness knows how much more will be done before bed.

Stay safe and happy crafting


Saturday, 1 December 2012

That Way Madness Lies

Yes I am officially a fruit loop. As I said last week I am knitting up a storm of socks which all have a deadline of 15th Dec at the latest for postal reasons, so what does this bright and wonderful person do this morning? I succumb to the temptation of my first Advent Scarf KAL.
I must be insane!!!
However day 1's knitting is complete and I am somewhat happy with it.

Not too bad for a few hours work. A few hours because of course it has to have beads. And we all know they take a few extra minutes.

So back to the socks and I can report with satisfaction that I have completed 1 pair.

These cosy's are mens socks and just simple stst with my own preferred heel and toe.
There are so many beautiful sock patterns out there, but I find they are mostly for ladies and sometimes a plain sock is best for the male of the species.

Well I have to get back to the socks.

Stay safe and happy crafting