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Sunday, 16 September 2012

More Summer Knitting

Now for Some More

As I said, I kept on knitting through the dismal Scottish summer and even (shock, horror) challenged myself. Who would have thought just over a year ago that I would knit gorgeous lace shawls, socks and as it has come to pass Fair Isle hats. Not me that is for sure. 
So here goes with the list
1. My beautiful (if I may say so myself) La Vie en Rose shawl
started in January but put to one side for a while for reasons best known to someone out in the ether. Knitted in Tosh Merino light, the pattern is Reminiscence by LilyGo. A wonderful pattern by a superb designer. This is my second shawl by her, the first was my Blooming Fuchsia, and I am already almost finished a third design by her.

2. Next up was my very first attempt at Fair Isle
Bottom side up
Top side

This traditional tammy I knitted for Bec who worked with us at the museum for a short time before moving on to pastures new and promoted. Bec was straight out of Uni and delight of delights a knitter also. Someone with whom I could share the ups and downs of this delightful hobby. She will be missed by us all hence I named her hat, She Came to Scotland and was Loved.
I used a variety of different yarns in this project and found that stranded knitting came easily to me. A great way of using up small amounts of leftovers. Oh and it only took 4 days to knit :)

3. More Fair Isle, yep I was on a roll

This time it is Dollheid, by Kate Davies. Again I used little amounts of yarns and left out the facial features as I was not fully in love with the look.
This hat was knitted for Justine at work who had loved Bec's so much and had a birthday later that week. Ah well it just had to be done.

4. And finally for this post a project I finished months ago, but just never got round to blocking and finishing

this is In Pink a Hitchiker shawl/scarf. A very easy knit, great for mindless TV knitting.

So there you have it, I may have been quiet on the blogging front, but my hands sure have been busy on the needles. Of course I still have way too many WIP's, but I will get there. And now that it is September I suppose the ugly truth of Gift knitting must surely rear it's head. It is still too early to mention fully the C word. No mention of that in this house until November at least.

Stay safe and happy crafting


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