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Friday, 8 June 2012


Have I done it? Eeek I think the time has come to admit I may just have reached that point in a knitter's life that I have reached S.A.B.L.E. (stash acquired beyond life expectancy). 
What makes me think that? Well I was at Gardening Scotland on Sunday past and I spotted a bargain. I had no need to buy more yarn, none whatsoever, but that little devil on my shoulder started telling me this was an offer too great to pass up. So I parted with £12 of my hard earned cash and landed myself a project pack of yarn in various shades of red. Red!, not my colour by a long chalk, (pinks, blues, purples and teals for me please) but red it is. Fingering weight machine knit leftovers, all neatly caked and ready to knit with. How many yards you ask? Well I have taken a wild guess at about 3000. So much yarn in, and here was I this year trying to use up my stash. Oh well, no doubt it will be knit up in time, but as what I have absolutely no idea.
Tempting pack of reds!!

Otherwise since I last was here, (being back at work seriously eats into time for other pursuits) I have managed to complete two, yes two, projects.
The first of these being my glorious Blooming Fuchsia shawl. This was a knit along which kind of got behind, but at last it is done and I am so pleased and proud of the result. Check it out for yourself

Blooming Fuchsia.

I also created a collage of this project which shows the story of said shawl many thanks go to my lovely friend Gill for modelling for me.

Also finally off the needles is my first Pay it Forward 2012 project. This has also been gifted to it's intended who was delighted.

Completed Wingspan

The pattern is so easy to knit, that I am close to finishing my second.

So I will leave you now and get back to my needles in the hope that I will have something new to share soon.

Stay safe and happy crafting.


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