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Monday, 26 March 2012

Diary of A Knitter - Mar 26th

Oh My Oh My!!

A month has passed and boy what a month. Illness in various forms, one more serious than others has overtaken daily life and left me playing catch-up on everything. Not least this blog.
Well peeps I am back and forgive me please if I repost anything I have previously mentioned, but I really have forgotten where I am.
My yarn diet appears to have slipped somewhat, but I will climb back on the sheep again and get some serious stash burning done. I hereby promise that I will buy no more yarn until my good friend Vicky of The Wool Shop lets me know she has more black Rico Merino in stock. (This does not include the 12 skeins of yarn already in transit from the USA and Lithuania nor my yarn club skein which comes each month, all already bought and paid for).

Update on the Needles

Sylvia's Shawl

  1. Stash Busting Spring Surprise Shawl - On final clue, just need to keep plodding along.
  2. Bird of Paradise - On wedge 5
  3. Another Mystery - Still on clue 2 as I have frogged and restarted using a new yarn. The last one was just too busy for the pattern.
  4. Blooming Fuchsia - Working on final clue. Would like to get this done asap.
  5. La Vie en Rose - Not worked on this for a while. Not a rush job.
  6. In Pink - Just need that final push to finish.
  7. Pure Poetry - The words have dried up. Need to pick this up and get moving.
  8. Champagne Truffle - Have until end of April to do this along with Bon Bon mitts and matching cowl.
  9. Sylvia's Shawl - All done and now being wrapped around beautiful baby Grace.

Close up of border and pattern

There may have been just a few new things started and finished since I was last here as well (oops), I did once tell you I was not monogamous, I am sure I did.
So if we call the above list A, shall we call the below list B?

  1. My First Socks - Yes I knitted a pair of socks 
  2. Rainbow for a Leap Year - Another pair of socks
  3. Bill's Socks -  Does anyone see a theme developing here?
  4. Dumfries Socks - Hmmmmmm

Shown in order clockwise from top left.

There may just be another few things on the needles as well, but I will save them for later to embarrass  myself with share with you.

Stay safe and happy crafting.

Mary x

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