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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Diary of a Knitter - Day 6

Start Weight - 490
Weight Lost - 0
Weight Gained - 0
Balance - 0

Mojo at a Low

A funny day yesterday, after sharing my high of the finished Damask, my desire to knit hit a low. I just could not settle into any sort of rhythm and therefore have nothing much of significance to report today. The only thing I could really get my teeth into was my sock weight scraps blanket which is all garter stitch. So a bitty of progress on that, but as it is knitted on 3mm needles it does not look like much.

Scrappy Wappy Do Dah

As I said before it has an unusual construction which evolves as a diamond shape off the needles which means you continually increase, but no decreases are ever required so you can knit until you run out of yarn, or the square reaches the size you want. It is such easy knitting and until it grows too big will make a great take along project as no pattern or marking off of rows is required.

Oh well off to wrap the pressies at last. Hopefully my mojo will return this evening.

Stay safe and happy crafting.

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