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Friday, 28 October 2011

Knitting ADD

How do they do it?
How on earth can some people work on only one project at one time?
These are questions with which I have in my wee bubble been trying to answer. I just cannot seem to be so monogamous with my yarn and needles. I love having choice, I need to have choice. Sometimes I want all out lace, sometimes I just want mindless garter or stocking stitch. There are other times when a wee bit of pattern is enough for my feeble brain to cope with. I love having choice. I always have at least 4 projects on the go. (Hahaha only 4, I feel the blush building)
This month I have been mostly concentrating on the Christmas gift list, therefore I cannot give you a rundown of projects as who knows, the intended giftees might just be reading this. Suffice to say I have one finished and a second well on it's way. This makes me happy.
I have also been adding to my wonderful stash at an alarming rate. From e-bay, I bid on and won 3 lovely lots of 100% wool all the way from China. The first is wonderfully autumnal
The second has much more of a spring like feel
And the third is definitely a manly option

From The Wool Shop I added to my growing collection of 100% Merino yarns with some wonderfully coloured Adrifil Knitcol, which are beautifully self striping yarns in a variety of colour options, here is just one example
I have 6 different colourways ranging from all blues to rainbow brights.

And finally I have once again been stretching out over the pond to The Loopy Ewe where I have discovered the delights of Malabrigo Silky. A glorious blend of Merino wool and Silk. This yarn is just so yummy and in the Tatami colourway is so like butterscotch I just want to eat it all up. And so soft, jeez it is just as petable as any of our cats or the dog.

Talking of the petables, they are all doing well and Mysti has settled in so well. It is like we have had her forever. The older cats took a few days to settle with her, but peace broke out, (with the exception of 5am every morning, WTH) and all is well. Skye is sometimes bemused with this little thing who adores her and follows her around, but puts up with her all the same.

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