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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Knitting on!!

Whaaaa!!! Where has the time gone? It is ages since I checked in here. My goodness I must have been busy doing something, but what? I know that I had a Meningitis scare last week, a headache which just would not go, felt sick and could not stand light. Not nice! Especially when travelling to be checked at the local out of hours center at 10.30pm in sunglasses. Must have looked a bonny sight.

Well I promised I would let you know all about the swap packages, so here goes,

Ooh yarn, and what is in the tissue paper?
Wow just look!!

And here is what I sent

It really was so much fun. 
I am now getting together bits and pieces for my 2nd swap, I have been partnered with a delightful lady in Wales who mostly crochets. Now I have no idea about crochet, I get into such a fankle, but I have a few bits and pieces so far, and some ideas also.

So what have I knitted recently well,

These are just three things that are completely finished. I have other bits in my finishing off box, where all the knitting is done, I just have to get round to the washing and pinning out etc.

On other topics, we have a new addition to the household, meet Mysti

She is about 6 months old and full of mischief, she looks so cute, but don't for one minute let that fool you, she is hard work. But loveable all the same.

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