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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Knitting, Cycling (armchair) and Meerkats

Good grief where is the year going? It just seems a few days since I last posted, and yet is was nearly two weeks ago. It would certainly seem true that time speeds up as you get older.
Mind you, in that time I seem to have accomplished quite a lot on the knitting front.
Personal project plunge
2/26 is complete and was today posted to a Ravelry friend as part of a swap package, this is all I can show you for now, but all will be revealed soon

What is in these parcels???

3/26 is also complete, it is my first time of using the sock club subscription yarn from . This gorgeous yarn named Harris was in my first package and I have turned it into this lovely shawlette.

Harris Shawl 
4/26 is a curving scarf using Manos del Uruguay silk blend yarn in the Gemini colourway which was sooo soft to knit with and such a pleasure to feel up against your skin

This was yarn I received for my birthday and as I am a Gemini it was a lovely gift.
I am still knitting away and at the minute have three different light weight shawls on the needles. I am finding myself knitting 2 rows of each in rotation to try and alleviate stress & frustration.

We are still hooked on Le Tour de France and having explored the Pyrenees from our comfy seats, today we got our first taste of the High Alps, the tour has taken a brief hop over into Italy and will return to France tomorrow. Watching these fearless cyclists careering down these twisty roads is not for the fainthearted, but I am still glued to the TV every day.

Finally this week something odd happened to me. I am a fan of Aleksander Orlov, that so cute meerkat from the UK insurance adverts. He has captured the hearts of so many people and has such a following he even has his own website now His Facebook site were running a competition to win 100 genuine cuddly meerkats each day. Well would you believe I actually won one!!! Here she is Meerkovo's wonderful school teacher.

Meet Maiya

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