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Friday, 8 July 2011

1st Week of July

After all the medical mayhem of the end of June, it has been a time to settle down into a routine of sorts. Our car is at the crash centre finally being repaired after it's encounter with a rock back in May, doctor appointments are back to normalish and knitting has re-commenced with a flourish.
We have also discovered a great way to travel without leaving the living-room, July means Le Tour de France. I have never held any interest in cycling at all but DH was a road racing cyclist in his bygone days and we decided to give this year's TV coverage a watch. Well we have only stopped off briefly in this lovely country twice whilst on cruise ships and both locations were on the Mediterranean coast. Now however after the first week I am hooked on what seems to me to be a beautiful country. I find the Chateaus especially pleasing to the eye and would love to spend time exploring their history and architecture. If we were to win the lottery a road trip to France would definately be high up the list of things to do.

Knitting complete
Whilst this is happening on the black box in the corner I have of course been knitting away. I have finished all the knitting on the white baby shawl, it is awaiting washing and laying out to dry, and the knitting and washing of a project I am doing for a swap is also complete. I will take photos of this once it is dry and will post here after the recepient has received her parcel.

I have also set myself a couple of new challenges.

1   To complete 26 items between July1st 2011 and June 30th 2012. So far so good with the shawl being project #1 and swap, project #2.

2  To reduce my stash, not by cold sheeping, but by only allowing purchase in any one month of half the yardage of yarn which left my stash in the previous calender month. So if I knit 2000 yards in July I can buy 1000 yards in August and so on.
I think these will be do-able and will help keep me focused.
So back I go to the needles and roll on tomorrow for my introduction to the French mountains.

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