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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Week of Medical Mayhem

How time flies when you are having fun. This past week has been just like that. A full four out of five days were taken up with various medical appointments for DH and myself.

Mon - a trip to the Phlebotomist for myself for blood tests required by the hospital.

Tue - DH and I to see the doctor for routine appointments.

Wed - Off to the RIE with DH to finally see an orthopedic specalist. Mind you not much joy there, she says nothing can be done for him, but is referring him for de-sensitizing treatment by physiotherapy.

Thur - Free day Yay!!!!!!

Fri - Myself to RIE for 7.30am for a day surgery operation, which has gone well, if left me a bit sore and the after meds are making me sleepy. A small bonus was that when I arrived at home a loud noise made me look up and right over my head flew a Lancaster bomber and a Spitfire. It felt as if I could reach out and touch them.

Sat - a well deserved rest for the household, you would have thought, but no!! At 9am we were having a cup of tea in the livingroom when we heard the sound of drums. A quzzical look passed between us, were we hearing things? The telly wasn't on what was that noise?
A trip through to the bedroom and a squint up the street resulted in the answer. It was a flute band. So were they meeting there to go on somewhere else? No way, a quick look at the internet and we discovered that our wee flat was right on the route of one of the biggest Orange Order walks of the year. There would be an estimated 6000 marchers and 42 flute bands going right past all our windows and taking approximately 1hr to pass. My heart sank, all I wanted to do was sleep. It was less than 24 hours since my surgery!!
I managed to nap until 12.30pm when down the street they came. Yes it was colourful, sometimes so bright it hurt the eyes, but oh boy was it noisy. Our two poor cats were terrified, there was nowhere for them to hide from the beating drums. We were so glad when it was over and peace was restored.
Birthday yarn from America with free gift.

My knitting this week has been intermittent to say the least. I have been mostly concentrating on the baby shawl and only have a final 3 rows of chart G to finish then on to the edging which also includes the cast off.
The only other knittting related story I have this week is purchase related. Some knitting friends in the USA have been telling me about an online retailer who's customer service is out of this world. Well being the nosy sort I just had to find out for myself. My MIL gave me some money for my birthday, so online I went to well the choice is amazing, I was astounded. I ordered 4 skeins of their own brand yarn, and then thought I would have a long wait as it was coming over the Atlantic. I was very pleasantly surprised when in less than a week the postman knocked on the door and there was my package. The yarn is gorgeous, but it was the little gift and handwritten note from the owner that made all the difference. Yes I will shop there again and I will also recommend you hit the link on the right side of this page and see for yourselves what is on offer.

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