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Saturday, 4 June 2011

June!! How did that happen?

I cannot believe we are into June already. The months are just flying by. Mind you May by all accounts other than our wee holiday was a not much month. Illness does that to you, it takes over and rules what you can and cannot do.

One positive thing though is that both DH and myself have at last got hospital appointments for this month. The relief of his date coming through is amazing as he has waited 6 months.

On the knitting front, being at home all day has given me plenty time to crack on. I completed the Harry Potter scarf for my niece and it was well received.

I also began knitting three scarves for colleagues of mine who are taking part in charity walks this month. Two of the girls are doing the Edinburgh Moonwalk so I knitted them an illusion scarf each.

How the scarf looks straight on

Same scarf from an angle.

My third friend is doing the Race for Life in memory of her dear friend who passed recently. For this I did another illusion scarf, but this time a different pattern.

The hearts disappear when looked at straight on.
I had a lot of fun knitting these and learning a new technique. Illusion knitting is really easy once you know what you are doing and I would urge any knitter to give it try at least once.

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