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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Charts Strike Fear

Although I have been able to knit since knee-high to a grasshopper, it has only been in the past 3 or 4 years that it has become a serious hobby for me. I joined a few years ago and gained access to thousands of patterns, both free and charged for. I have knit a few of these, but have always steered well clear of any pattern that mentioned charts. Whether it be for cable or lace the word chart struck fear into my heart. Reading a pattern in words was the natural way for me to go. Words I can cope with, symbols well its like a foreign language. All Greek or Geek to me! So how comes it that I have had a breakthrough? Well in one of the groups I am in a member decided to try her first lace project and discovered it was charted. She made a lovely job of the finished item and I, having knit lace before from a written pattern, decided I had nothing to lose.
So did I choose something simple? Did I heck!! I love circular knitting and plunged straight into a huge circular shawl. All charted from chart A to chart H. The shawl climbs form 10 stitches in the centre out to 640 stitches. Oh boy!!
Here I am at day 2 I have completed charts A & B and have only 4 rows to complete for chart C. And yes I am enjoying it. I must admit it is a very well written pattern and these charts are easy to follow. I will update my progress soon, but here is a picture of the first two charts completed.
Stitch markers are my new best friend
 On another knitting theme, Sat 11 June is World Wide Knit in Public day. There will be a small gathering of keen knitters & crocheters outside in Woodburn, Dalkeith, Midlothian from 1pm - 3pm. Anyone is welcome to join in, just bring along your knitting etc, a seat & a mug. Also we would really appreciate some love from the sun as it will soon get very crowded in the shop if it rains.

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