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Monday, 11 April 2011

Not such a good start

Not having a good start to the week. DH had a few falls over the weekend which resulted in a cut leg and some degree of fear of being left alone. We are seeing the GP on Wed and this will be reported to her. There has still been no appointment forthcoming from the Orthopedic department and this is proving frustrating.
Work was fun at the weekend, so sunny and warm. People were happy to be out and about after the winter had cast such a shadow with so much snow. Mind you summer weather in April in Scotland is definately not the norm. It is to get colder this week, much nearer to what we expect at this time of year. I'm glad to have been able to enjoy the sunshine.
Not so much knitting done this past week. Working sure eats into knitting time. Will have to do some catch up on my days off.
I have now finished reading The Swiss Family Robinson. What a wonderful story. I did not read this book as a child so it was all new to me. I would highly recommend it as an easy read to take you away from the stresses of 21st century living to a much more simpler time. Great escapisim.

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