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Friday, 29 April 2011

Mixed Emotions

The last 48 hours or so have led me to believe that if something is going to happen you can bet I will be the unlucky one on the receiving end. I went to work as normal yesterday, parked the car and all was fine. Our staff car park was much busier than usual as there were some meetings taking place. Instead of the usual 6-8 cars or so there must have been about 20 odd. Okay you may be thinking, but why is this so special? Well here comes the bad bit. Also there yesterday were the contracted grass cutters. They come a few times a year, so not really something to worry about you would think. Not so yesterday! At lunch time my lovely boss comes into the staff room looking solemn, he gently tells me not to get stressed. OMG what have I done wrong? Well nothing it turns out, he then hands me two small but instantly recognisable pieces of red plastic.........the passenger side door handle from our car!!!!!! As it transpires the grass cutting machine had thrown up a large stone which flew through the air at some speed and caught the side of our car! As I say just my luck, with all the other cars parked closely together.
The poor damaged car door.
On a brighter note. Today saw a wee family outing to Gullane beach for a meet up with an old school friend. We have been pals since the early 1980's, but see each other very rarely, in fact blue moons probably happen more often. We have vowed not to leave it so long next time. It was quite cold and windy down at the beach, but we had a quick catch up and Skye took the opportunity to have a good run around.
Blowy Gullane beach

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