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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Can I go Cold Sheep?

Aaaaarrrrggggghhh. So even the thought of it gives me a cold sweat. I have been reading a few posts on Ravelry from brave people who have been Cold Sheeping!! That is to say they refuse to buy more yarn until they have made a huge dent in the stash they already have. Think Cold Turkey for buying that wonderful smooshy, new brand, perfect coloured yarn your LYS has just got in. You know the feeling, you just pop in to say hi, you were just passing and WHAM! there it is, flirting with you, softly calling your name, being all coy and at the same time yelling ME, BUY ME!! So I have come to a sad conclusion, I could never go Cold Sheep. It's just not for me. If I have the pennies I hear it calling and I am hopelessly smitten. Even if I don't have the pennies on me there is a website which uses paypal. I am sooo weak. I am Mary and I am a yarnaholic, there I've said it, is this the first step to a cure? Who knows, maybe I don't want to be cured. Only time will tell.
I only popped in to say hi!!!

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  1. ...wandered across your cold sheep headline this morning, and just had to see what that was about...I'm an upcycler, and have tried to go cold whatever, so I so understand the condition. I find it's better to find like-minded souls than to take the cure! My name is Dawn-Marie deLara, and I am a junkaholic.