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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wow I have a blog!

Well hello, welcome to my blog. A place for me to tell what I've been up to. I may not post frequently, it may not be eloquent, but hopefully for me it will be fun.
So why the title? Well, I've always been a timid soul, you know the type, blends into the background, speaks when spoken to, does what she is told to do, feels guilty and cannot say no when asked for help! That was me. Always taking on too much for others and forgetting that I needed time for me too. So one day it all becomes just too much and something happens that changes things, forever, I hope.
 And now the time comes to be who I am, do things I want to do, and speak up for myself. Hence the title of this blog, I now sometimes do things that surprise even me! Yes I still get scared, and hopefully I always will, as that will keep me on my toes.
But for now I intend to enjoy the life I have and share my highs and lows on this blog!

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