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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday Comes Around

Skye looking not so poorly
What a quick week. Not much done really, poorly hubby & dog saw to that. Have made some progress on my marathon knitting challenge, now approaching the 2 mile mark. Been adding to my project queue on Ravelry too. Some of the patterns are amazing. Don't know if i'll ever get roound to knitting them all, but will certainly give some a bash.
We watched the new Midsomer Murders this week too. The first one with the new DI Barnaby. It was different, but somehow the same and I look forward to seeing how the character develops. It must be my favourite TV programme and I have watched them all, some a few times over.
On a happy note I am working tomorrow. It is the last day of our winter hours and  also a sad day in some respects as we are hosting the last ever display of the Golden Lions parachute team. For more information see I do hope the weather plays along and we have a good turnout.

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