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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I'm learning to do what?

Oh boy what a fun day. It was training day at work, for our new season beginning on Friday. We began with some experiments for a supersonic science show, which tells the basics of how iconic aircraft Concorde was able to fly. It was cold, but fun was had.
Modern Art caused by Sonic Boom
After lunch the lovely Kev, from The Golden Lions taught us how to pack a parachute, through much laughter we got there in the end, but thank goodness this was just an exercise as I would not wish anyone to take a jump with our efforts. After the hard part, we took a trip back to childhood playing games with parachutes.
We then reverted to the experiments again, ending with all of us creating a sonic boom. This involved causing a metal canister to implode. A great way to finish a show, but nerve-wracking when faced with doing it for the first time.
I'm sure we will all improve these skills when we put them into practice on a daily basis, but I for one will be a bag of nerves when facing a live audience for the first time.

On the knitting front, I have "travelled" more than 2 miles into my challenge. Last night I completed my Surprise Bag. The name came from the fact that I just cast on and followed my instincts with sizing and stitches. It has turned out even better than I hoped. I took it to work today and it was plenty big enough for my lunch box, purse, book etc.
Surprise Bag

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