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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Grey Sunday

It doesn't look too promising out there this morning. Grey & overcast, a day for knitting me-thinks. I have 5 projects on the go just now.
  1.  A huge double thickness blanket of left over balls of wool 504 stitches each round, but so easy to do just knit stitch and can watch TV or read a book on my laptop whilst doing it.
  2.  My 2nd pinwheel jacket of the year, another easy knit again on circular needles, this time the yarn is a boucle type which was a gift from a friend.
  3. A bag to felt. I have recently discovered the joys of felting and this will be my third bag this year.
  4. My first ever top down all in one piece cardigan. American patterns are relatively new to me and I am enjoying this immensely.
  5. A shawl for me. I saw this wild marbled wool when at m friend's wool shop last week and just had to buy. It reminds me of a roaring fire so a warm shawl seems appropriate.

So some knitting seems like a good idea today.

I have also been thinking back on the last few days. I did something daft which still has me grinning whenever I think about it. My friend has a wool shop  nearby and I pop in every couple of weeks or so. I was there on Wednesday. Just a day earlier she had been watching the local council workers (13 of them) repairing a kerbstone just outside. Well we thought this was overkill to say the least, and I joked that they must have known I was coming the next day. So I arrive at the shop and Vicky shoves me out the door whilst handing me a length of red ribbon and pair of scissors and waving a camera in my face, saying she needs pics of me opening my kerbstone. Well I could hardly keep a straight face.

One final thought for now, if you are looking for a tasty treat for your dinner, pop into you local Lidl if you have one, and head for the chiller cabinet. DH and I had our first taste of Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice from said store yesterday and were still complimenting it a few hours later. Guess what is top of our shopping list this week?

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